ReadyNAS woes

After shutting the system off for a week’s vacation, the ReadyNAS 1000 was acting weird. Started giving an error about “the local security authority is internally inconsistent” and we couldn’t connect to the share from windows. I tried rebooting from Frontview but it didn’t seem to reboot.

I was able to connect with ssh and restart samba thanks to this post, and that worked – now I could connect. But for some reason, the ReadyNAS would not reboot from Frontview. So I rebooted from SSH. After it came back up, all the Services under Standard File Protocols were disabled and I could no longer SSH.

I tried to re-install the EnableRootSSH add-on but it keeps saying “Invalid Checksum detected in update file”
Now I can reboot from Frontview (thankfully since ssh is gone) and I did a full file check overnight but still in the same place. Reboots cause all file services to become unchecked and any add-on gives an Invalid Checksum.

I’m trying to boot up the backup ReadyNAS and it’s at the slowly blinking blue light. Soft reset seems to have gotten it going. Installed the EnableSSH add-on and it’s doing a filesystem check now.

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