VMWare ESXi: Could not find a trusted signer

While connected to the ESXi host via SSH to install the LSI MegaRAID vib, saw the error “Could not find a trusted signer”

# esxcli software vib install -v /vmware-esx-provider-lsiprovider.vib
('LSI_bootbank_lsiprovider_500.04.V0.30-3000000', 'Could not find a trusted signer.')
vibs = LSI_bootbank_lsiprovider_500.04.V0.30-3000000
Please refer to the log file for more details.

just add '--no-sig-check' to the end of the install command – problem solved!

# esxcli software vib install -v /vmware-esx-provider-lsiprovider.vib --no-sig-check
Installation Result
Message: The update completed successfully, but the system needs to be rebooted for the changes to be effective.
Reboot Required: true
VIBs Installed: LSI_bootbank_lsiprovider_500.04.V0.30-3000000
VIBs Removed:
VIBs Skipped:

Thanks to this guy

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