VMware vCenter Converter error: incorrect user credentials

with VMware vCenter Converter Standalone, I’m trying to clone (P2V) a running virtual Windows XP computer, but when I enter the Administrator’s username and password, I get the error as follows:

the operation could not be completed for '\ADMIN$' due to incorrect user credentials

[thanks to brewgoat] First of all, make sure you’re trying to log in the way converter expects (this seems to be the biggest cause of the issue)

In our network we use username@domain.lan format but converter hates that. It requires the use of domain\username instead. If you use the wrong credential format it will give this error.

In my case, turned out IIS service was running on the source XP computer. So I just had to figure out how to disable that (manage computer, services, find IIS Admin and click ‘disable’) and then the converter started right up.

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