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Trouble with PDF::API2 paragraph function

We have some ancient code for printing documents that relied on the PDF::API2 module. When we upgraded our systems, this module has some different behavior and our program was throwing errors. First, I commented out the “pdf->page->text->compress” function calls and … Continue reading

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How to Not overwrite files with Net FTP

I’m writing a batch program to transfer files with Net::FTP and since I only want to transfer files that don’t already exist, I was looking for a setting or flag in Net:FTP to prevent overwriting. Google, perlmonks, and Claudio to … Continue reading

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Playstation3 Firmware 4.10 Problems

On February 8, 2012, Sony released a firmware update for the Playstation3 (version 4.10). This update has introduced the following issues: 1. Playback of MP4 no longer natively supported. Prior to the update, a link to an MP4 file would … Continue reading

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