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rdist vs rsync

OK why is there even any debate? I just tried rsync’ing a directory with a couple hundred gigs to a USB drive, I had a few gigabytes that weren’t on the USB yet. After several hours there didn’t seem to … Continue reading

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configure: error: … No recognized SSL/TLS toolkit detected.

on Ubuntu, when configuring apache2 with-ssl, I received the subject error. the fix: apt-get install libssl-dev

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Ubuntu Install Grub Problems

While trying to install Ubuntu 10.04.1 & 10.04.2 with Software RAID using drives over 1TB, that have already had an install on them once, i keep running into problems. First the partitioner kept putting 1M of free space at the … Continue reading

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IDE Cable gone bad?

Had some timeout errors on a webfarm server that had been running steady with an uptime of several months. All of a sudden it couldn’t write to some directories, couldn’t reboot, I figured the HD failed. But the HD tested … Continue reading

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