Best ETH pool March 2018? Mining Pool Hub vs Nanopool vs Ethermine

Watching crypto coin prices plummet, I figure it’s a good time to stay on the most profitable pool while mining is still (barely?) profitable.
These are my results over the 1 week (March 10-17, 2018).

Mining Pool Hub vs Nanopool vs Ethermine
Mining Pool Hub was recommended by a friend for its multi-coin mining + auto-exchange feature, which ideally maximizes profit by mining the most profitable coin and converting it to the coin you want. It’s pretty cool really. I was planning to try mining a variety of coins to hold. But after seeing the results I was getting from ETH, I changed my mind. I think it’s a good pool in many ways (reliable, payouts) but they scored lowest of the 3 in my test. It may very well be that I have something not quite optimized? This was running on ewbf on linux and over 24 hours produced .0233 ETH is very popular and has the best graphs (imo) of the 3 here, by far. They also offer ZEC mining, which is nice for Nvidia miners who want to gather some ZEC. They scored well in the test, running on claymore dual miner, 24 hours produced .028 ETH was the first pool I tried and the one I’ve used the most. I prefer the graphs to what multi-mining on Mining pool hub provides, but not as nice as Nanopools. The data tends to show up within about 20-30 minutes. Overall it seems to find shares more frequently than nanopool. Running claymore with the same settings as nanopool for 24 hours produced .030 ETH

Notes: 2 rigs with total 15 nvidia cards, mostly 1060 6GB
ubuntu 16.04 running ewbf or claymore dual miner (in mining mode 1)

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