Change a ZFS smb share to allow guest access

This is all new to me. Setting up a server with OpenIndiana and napp-it as a local storage box. Following the instructions I was given, the share prompts for a username and password. Since we want automated processes on a number of computers to have access, this was not ideal. After much searching and trying I finally found the correct solution to change the existing smb share to allow guest access; big thanks to Afshin Salek who supplied the correct solution where so many other web pages and man pages had failed me.
# sharemgr set -P smb -p guestok=true -r myshare mygroup
in my environment i did this
# sharemgr set -P smb -p guestok=true zfs/pool0/storage
and it worked! Now the server is available on the windows network without a password being needed.

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