vma password too simple

Trying to install VMA (vSphere Management Assistant) to do some cool vmware command line stuff, but after the install it’s giving me a nightmare trying to set the password. No matter what I try it tells me I have a bad password, based on a dictionary word, too simple, too simplistic / systematic. Everything I try, 20 letters numbers and symbols are still too simple? I am about ready to kick this computer screen.

Google to the rescue, here is a password that vma will accept: Qazx123!#
Now you all know my vma password, i am going to change it to something simplistic and systematic that I will remember and which you don’t know 🙂

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  1. TEEN ASPECT says:

    I tried all day to enter the password. But this console blew my mind. The developers had to write to the password requirements in the console.

    thank you =)

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