How to get your spark plugs out without the rubber socket!

I have an Altima 2005 2.5, 4 cylinder – changing the plugs was actually really easy – except that i don’t have a rubber-lined socket to pull the plugs out (and neither did my local hw store)
So after needle nose pliers (too big), chopsticks (got some lift but not enough grab to get them out), contemplated chewing gum…. came up with the magic solution.
I used a thick paper clip and I’m sure a wire coat hanger would also work. using pliers, twist one end into a loop slightly bigger than the metal top of the spark plug. Shine a light down there, loop the wire over the top, tip it to the side and yank that sucker out. if its not grabbing, change the loop angle – mine ended up about 30 degrees to the vertical shaft of the rest of the paper clip.
Obviously you have to unscrew the plug first, with a 16mm deep socket on an extension arm. Good luck!

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