Update SourceTree password after remote change

After changing my password on the remote, I could not get Sourcetree to log in no matter what. I tried editing and deleting my accounts, deleting and re-adding the repo, nothing was working – Authentication failed every time.

Finally this solution worked for me:

navigating to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree and removing (or renaming) the passwd file.

Once this file is removed, restart SourceTree and execute a fetch or something else that requires access to the repo in question. SourceTree will then prompt you for your password, rewriting the cached credentials.

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  1. Tanvir Gaus says:

    Go to: Tools → Options → Authentication
    You can see your account listed there.
    Click on your account
    There will be an edit option
    Click on that – that will prompt you for password
    You are all done!

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