rtorrent stopped uploading: “Could not lock session directory”

We noticed our torrents stopped uploading. When I try to run rtorrent via /etc/init.d it just seems like it restarts, but it’s still not listening on the designated port. I enter the command manually, something like

rtorrent -n -o bind=,port_range=44443-44443,directory=/home/user,session=/home/user/.rtorrent-session,peer_exchange=yes,scgi_port=

Then I get back the error:
rtorrent: Could not lock session directory: "/home/user/.rtorrent-session/", held by "xyzpdq".

Turns out there is a lock file that needs to be removed; apparently the previous run crashed without removing it, so,

rm /home/user/.rtorrent-session/rtorrent.lock

And now the rtorrent program starts normally from /etc/init.d

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