ESXi 5.0 installation hanging at 34% – now ESXi 5.5 at 28%

I’ve installed 5.0 a few times now and I seem to remember this coming up before.
While installing it goes to a screen showing 34% progress and just stays there for a while.
During which time I start wondering all kinds of things; Did it break? Should I hit ctrl + alt + del? Should I just wait a little longer? STILL 34%! Should I go to the bathroom and come back? yes? OK when I get back, it says “installation complete” woo hoo!
So it seems like that’s the trick – if your installation gets stuck at 34%, go to the bathroom and come back.

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50 Responses to ESXi 5.0 installation hanging at 34% – now ESXi 5.5 at 28%

  1. Ram Randhawa says:

    I found an alternative solution — my ESXi 5 install seemed also to hang at 34%, so I left the room and went over to my main machine to do a Google search. I found this advice and was on my way to the bathroom when I noticed that installation was complete.

    So Google seems to work. I haven’t Bing or other search engines.

  2. someone says:

    Awesome, I just had the same problem, a quick trip to the bathroom and its sorted! Thanks!

  3. vinixx says:

    Thanks a lot!! It worked for me!!!

  4. Fatih Suzer says:

    Just came back from the batroom and still seeing the darn 34 !!!

  5. linksonice says:

    I had the same problem, and started reading this, ESXi started installing again, but now I still need to go to the bathroom!

  6. oehTie says:

    Lol, when I finished reading these comments, I laughed at ESXi and it ran off to 40%….. what’s next?

    Went to the bathroom and yes, it’s done now 🙂

  7. Gyp the Cat says:

    I’ve found another work around.

    When it got stuck at 34%, I went and made myself a drink.

    That fixed it too.

  8. SomeRandomGuy says:

    Don’t have to use the bathroom, will try Ram’s suggestion.

  9. Keepiru says:

    it would be nice to become 34% of 100$ for evry minute i spend in the bathroom waiting for this damn install-routine to finish its job.

  10. Mohammed M says:

    I run into this problem all the time. But this time, decided to google for a solution. I’m glad I ended up here – it was light relief after hours spent configuring a View lab environment – 🙂

  11. Ronaz says:

    This realy ROX 🙂 Thx for Helping!

  12. Chris says:

    Too funny…been in the industry for 20 years….thought I’d seen it all….just for kicks decided to take the bathroom advise and I’ll be….sure enough….installation was completed when I returned. Mind you, I sat here and waited 15min before I even went to the bathroom …. Too funny!

  13. Bored Sys Admin says:

    Yes, great advice but I didn’t find it until after I came back from the bathroom and googled this. Once going to bathroom AND googling … fixes this issue! Presto Install complete .. thanks!

  14. Per von Zweigbergk says:

    This tip is also applicable for ESXi 5.5 hanging at 28% during install.

  15. David D says:

    I concur. ESXi 5.5 at 28% is also aided by both a Google search and bathroom break.

    As I type this endorsement I am at an installation complete screen 🙂

  16. Brad says:


    I mowed the lawn and it worked.

  17. Harris Ts says:

    Same problem on my home server, upgradeing to ESXi 5.5 stuck at 29% for a while. Take a bathroom break and it show installation completed! 😀

  18. WladSP says:

    Same thing here. And worst: I was modified the installer to accept my 2 Gb of RAM. I m going to the bathroom take a shower, now … 😉

  19. Hotlineschlampe says:

    Awesome, works also in Germany 😉

  20. GeekPig says:

    Works in Austria with a bathroom and cup of coffee 🙂

  21. Lennong says:

    28% bathroom fix works in Sweden too! 🙂

  22. axv says:

    28%………43%..73%…………., works. Thanks.

  23. Todd says:

    I drank a beer at 28%. Then another at 34%….I woke 2 days later and it was finished! 🙂

  24. Quentin says:

    same experience here 🙂 thx

  25. ron says:

    F’n A….it works! Thanks

  26. vv24 says:

    Yep 5.5 gets stuck at 28% then shows 86 then done…. i just went to chat to the wife! Ahem

  27. Peter says:

    My ESXi update was stuck at 26%. I didn’t go to the bathroom, but I had lunch first, and it was still stuck at 26%. Then I went to the bathroom, and it was still stuck.

    Then, I googled for a solution and stumbled upon this website, and when I minimized my screen, it looked like the update was about done.

    Hocus pocus.

  28. SU!C!D3 says:

    I’ll be damned. Found this on a google search after a few attemptes to install. Figured, meh…couldn’t hurt. Used the bathroom, Installation Complete.
    The ESXi knows all…….

  29. Reddy Garu says:

    reson this happens is that datastore VM get scanned this stage 29% to 40%, if your VM’s set to thick provisioned disk.

    this time I went for short snak break after watching it for hour. after 30 minuets break it came through 🙂 .

    till today I have migrated many of live network server to ESXi 5.5.


  30. will says:

    Was stuck at 28% for me.. found this blog post and looked back.. Finished lol. The server has eyes…

  31. Jith says:

    Thanks it worked for me too 😀
    By the way i didnt go to bathroom, so cheated my server.

  32. Jon Conley says:

    Here to confirm this works. Too a bathroom in the big rusty building worked!

  33. izzy says:

    lol I didn’t even know I had to go to the bathroom. But it worked! This post solved my problem! Good job and thank you!

  34. Brett says:

    I only made 9%, twice (before I lost patience).

    Will try bathroom, having already tried search engines. Will refrain from asking what I should do there.

    If it’s still at 9% when I return, I will update post.

    I wonder if it matters if someone else watches the screen whilst you are at the bathroom?

    • Brett says:

      Long visit and still no joy.
      Now looking for a BIOS setting that may be causing issue.

      • admin says:

        yeah in my experience the % it gets stuck at is always the same and I haven’t seen or heard about 9% before, so (unless that’s the new % for ESXi 6?) that must be a different issue you’re having. Sorry this didn’t fix it for you!

  35. Alex says:

    For me, making another coffee solved it. Stuck at 28% for 5.5, coming back I found with joy the progress at 86% and going at full speed. By the first sip, it was already finished… 🙂

  36. Manny says:

    Stuck at 9% on 6.0.0 for the past 15 minutes. Going to the bathroom and see if that helps. Oh wait let me do the Google search…Oh nevermind, just did that this is why I got here. Going to bathroom..brb…

  37. Chris says:

    Best article ever! hahah saved me a lot of time 😉

  38. Michael Clarke says:

    Well after two attempts of waiting for 30+ mins stuck at the 9%, I tried one last time.

    When it was at 9% again for 5 mins, I went a took a shower. Came back and it was finished.

    Awesome advice and thankyou.


  39. Ryan says:

    I googled this “VMWare ESXI stops at 34%” and was surprised to see the top pick was an exact match for what I was looking for. I read the answer was to go to the bathroom and when I would return it would magically be done. I was skeptical about this and after reading it I looked up to my second monitor running to my server and it said “installation complete”…. This was the best solution to any tech related question I was looking for. Thank you!

  40. Chris says:

    ESXI 6.5. Can confirm 27%, tricks works. Only brushed my teeth though.

  41. Thierry says:

    Confirmed! As I was at the office, I wasn’t able to drink a beer. However it seems that drinking a Monster is working too.

  42. beni says:

    Incredible. I just had to go to the bathroom and now everything runs.
    Thank you so much!

  43. Here is what worked for me, read all of these comments and done!

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